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The Air Program Information Management System (APIMS) Implemented Federal Government Wide for Implementing Executive Order 13512

APIMS is an Air Force owned IT system, specifically designed to do Air Emission Inventories (AEI) including Green House Gas Inventories. I has the capabilities to do Scope 1,2 & 3 as it applies to these inventories, it is a web based system, fully accredited and secured and hosted at DISA Oak City. With the standizing of algorithms, naming convention and scope requirements already available, this truly makes APIMS the perfect starting point for the implementation and repository of data, to at least implement and manage Executive Order 13512 and establish baselines for all federal agencies not just the Air Force. This solution is available today and will save at least 10’s Millions over each agency developing its own system and will provide accurate and consistent baselines to tack reduction goals against, federal government wide. APIMS also be available to all federal agencies to do Air Emission Inventories (AEI’s) both Stationary and Mobile for HAP and Criteria Pollutants this will save many 10’s Million's more.



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