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The KISS Method to energy consumption

Energy use has to be a big expense to our government agencies. Some easy things that we can do to help in this expense are simply to turn it off. At the end of a workday, shut off all lights in work spaces and power down our computers. It can be as easy as, if you’re not using it, turn it off. I can't tell you the amount of lights and unnecessary power consuming items are left on and nobody is using them or even needs them to be on in the first place. At the end of the workday, and especially if no one is in the building, lights in bathrooms, hallways, and storage areas can be turned off as well. This brings us to another point, why are we still using conventional light bulbs, and not LED's or other power saving lighting? We also need to invest in the motion sensor light switches, which will turn the lights of if it senses no movement for awhile, and turn them on when someone walks into a room, all federal buildings need the lights switches converted to this type. Another thing that we need to do is harbor more energy production by using solar and wind power production for our federal agencies and military bases. I don’t understand why states have gone to windmill farms and solar energy and why the government has not. We could cut our operating expenses down by producing most of the energy we consume as federal agencies. I believe that the savings on power consumption will be noticeable if we do all these things and adopt a keep it simple altitude in regards to the concept, “If you’re not using it, turn it off!"



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