Department of Veterans Affairs

Those are my supplies!!!

My suggestion is to create a Supply Agency where all of the agencies order from. Every year agencies spend millions of dollars on supplies for each agency. For example, within one agency there are at least 200 or so departments and if each deaprtment spend $50,000 on supplies in one year thats $10 million dollars for one agency in one year. Also, on average, there is so much surplus from retired employees, employees who change agencies, employees who are fired, etc. if these employees leave behind the supplies that they have obtained in that department then they are surplused. Supplies sit around the offices and when needed we are told they are for a particular department. That means that if a stapler is purchased by department A then department B can't have it. I say, we all are one government and if we had a supply department where all supplies are ordered from and surplused items are returned to then we could save millions of dollars and recycle the supplies we use on a regular basis. That way all supplies belong to the agencies not the departments within an agency. We can recycle and save money.



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