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Top Ten The truth hurts !!!!!

The Truth Hurts....but What's killing this Country is ""Union"" !!!! Look at FORD Motor Company or ""GM"" or Citi group or AIG ......Haven't we learned from these companies.....Wake up America !!!!

10: There are too many people who wants the job but do no work !!!!

9: Time and time, I hear people saying I'm only here for a pay check and benefits.

8: Supervisors that can't even login to a computer.

7: People getting specail treatments because of the color of their skin.......

6: Unqualify people doing Law Enforcement job

5: Double Time for Overtime....are you kidding me

4: Avon girl into a Supervisor in 4 years ???

3: Stop lying about Wait time

Managements answers to all questions:

2: "I do not recall"

1: "Its possible"



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