Office of Personnel Management

USG Paternity Leave Bank.

Provide all federal employees the option to join a government-wide Paternity Leave Bank and withdraw up to 160 hours of paternity leave to care for a newborn or adopted baby/child. This will enable the federal government to provide paternity leave to its employees with limited additional overall cost.

-All members of the bank would deposit four hours of annual leave annually for at least five years as a requirement for membership.

-Members of the leave bank would be allowed to withdraw up to 160 hours of leave every two years from the Paternity Leave Bank.

-Members may use paternity leave hours to work part-time.

-Paternity Leave withdrawals could be made for up to 6 months of delivery/arrival of baby/adopted child.

-Members would be required to join the Paternity Leave Bank and make first deposit in first six months of employment. Or within first year of implementation for current federal employees.

-Members that make withdrawals from the leave bank must continue to contribute to the bank for a minimum of five years for each withdrawal.

-Contributions of unused leave may be made by any federal employee. Leave bank membership is not required to contribute to the paternity leave bank.

- Withdrawals from the leave bank do not require a minimum sick leave or annual leave balance and can be used in combination with sick/annual leave.



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