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Use Common Sense

Common sense isn't all that common, but it should be to someone who's running the county. If you can't figure out how to resolve this issue as President, there's a problem. Never saw FDR give an award to anyone to fix the Great Depression, he did it himself (with the help of other legislative members, I'm sure). The point I'm trying to make; we have History class for a reason. Pick up a history book, and read all things that were actually successful in bringing the US out of the depression.


I'll give one to you though. Back then we were MAKING stuff in the US, rather than outsourcing all of our work. Bring the jobs back here, giving unemployed people work and balancing the exports. We are failing miserably as a nation, and need to give China a reason to purchase from us to dissolve our tremendous debt. The best way to do this is to export goods made in the USA and bring pride to our nation once again.


I drive past a bridge into New Jersey every weekend; it says, "Trenton Makes; The World Takes". We wouldn't be in such trouble if this were the truth.



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