Social Security Administration

Use Less Paper and Eliminate Unused Work Supplies

As a new federal employee I suggest that the original orientation and training become more effective by utilizing the intranet. I've been with the SSA for 3 weeks and at this point see mountains of paper and supply wasted. For example, we (a class of 15) were given almost 3,000 pieces of paper per person to act as a study guide. If these can be transferred to an online study guide we could save this office alone $4500 per class. If this office holds 10 classes per year that's 45,000! Think of the savings if you multiply that by 8, the number of Processing Centers in the US ($360,000). The amount becomes astronomical when you think how this could affect each and every government entity!


Along with this, some of the materials we received for training are irrelevant to our job description. For example, we received a two hole paper puncher. It seems like a small thing but when you add up the fact that everyone has one but no one NEEDS one the number again becomes an astronomical waste of money.


Overall I am suggesting that the separate agencies take the time to reassess the need for paper handbooks, handouts and unneeded supplies and focus on being more efficient with government money. It would take little time to transfer all needed documents onto the server and establish a more effective system for prepping new recruits. It, in the end, will save millions of dollars. Thank you.



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