Department of Transportation

Use of Energy Saving Light Bulbs

We have all heard that 'flourescent' light bulbs are the way to go in order to save money on our electric bills. It is correct in saying that flourescent saves huge amounts of money over incandescent light bulbs.


But, what I am proposing takes it to an even better level. I propose that we slowly replace all of our incandescent and flourescent light bulbs with 'LED' light bulbs. Because it is a relatively new introduction into the home and business, the costs are a bit higher than that of flourescent lighting. But, if our entire government would migrate to the use of LED lighting, the bulk purchase costs would be reduced dramatically.


LED lighting has come a long way. Some of the upsides: LED lighting uses about 1/10th the electricity that flourescent lighting uses (and flourescent is the current energy savings champion), the average flourescent bulb lasts about 5000 hours, admirable compared to an incandescent bulb, but when compared to the 50,000 hours of an LED bulb it pales in comparison. Expected return in savings to pay for itself is a very short amount of time. LED lighting can be used as bulbs or tubes with no changes needed of either to migrate from flourescent to LED lighting.


Future savings could be in the hundreds of millions of dollars per year.



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