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Using Unused Office Supplies

A nuisance in each office federal-wide is the storage of office supplies that no one is using now . They were bought when someone in the past requested them, but that person is gone, or he/she found they like something else better now. These unwanted supplies just build up and clog up storage spaces. This is happening in thousands of offices federal-wide.

So what to do with them? Suggest each installation set up an office supplies clearinghouse. Offices that want to get rid of unused supplies can drop them off without a lot of paperwork. The clearinghouse area can be run by persons with disabilities or on temporary light duty to keep the administrative costs low. If anyone wants to pick up the supplies, they just have to sign for them. There is no cost to them, since they were already paid for, but we need to have some degree of accountability. The staff there would keep an online site with general info on types of items available at any time. If anything is not picked up after a certain amount of time, then the staff sends them to the recylkcing center that services that installation, such as DRMO for the military.

This will allow offices to keep smaller storage areas for their office supplies, and the use of the items clogging the shelves will save funds that would have been expended on new supplies. Although the impact in each individual office may seem small, when you multiply it by thousands of offices federal-wide, we are talking about some huge cumulative annual savings.



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