Social Security Administration

Welfare & Social Security giving away money

I suggest looking into welfare, social security and any other organizations that supplies money or other items such as housing, loans, etc. There are non americans collecting on this because they can. There are people that do not speak english, just came to this country a few years ago, never paid any taxes and are now collecting social security benifets. They are also getting free health care (not really, the tax payers are paying for it), and a free house to live in. The banks are giving them loans without any question. Us americans are working hard, not making too much and can't get a loan if our lives depended on it. If we look into who is getting benifets and so forth, there can be millions of dollars saved by stopping it. Social Security will be saving tons of money because they do not have to give it out. Our taxes can be lowered because we are not giving it to anybody that does not deserve it. The housing that is given to them can be given to the homeless so they can try to get back on their feet.



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