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Work is an Activity, Not a Location

I suggest greater adaptation in telecommuting. As a frequent traveller, I experience various outages when returning to the home office keeping me from logging back into the network - network port is shut down, SIPRNET access is shut down, desk equipment falls out of some criteria for access. I have to rely on networking tricks to get a resemblance of working in the office - none are authorized yet there is no speed in resolving user network outages. We are simply told to go sit in somebody else's office. Consolidated help desks add layers of complexity to resolve issues. Suggest greater adaptation of common use office areas (no personal space but access to networks and printers). The network is everywhere - I can go home and have a more focused work session than going to work and having to draft up complex engineering drawings on my personal netbook because there are no empty offices today. Common areas with a network connection combined with telework may work better for frequent travellers than the 56 sq ft cubicle with a dead network connection.



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