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32 Hour Work Week (Fridays Off)

Allow federal employees an option to work only 32 hours per week (Friday's off for example). Some employees really don't need to work 40 hour weeks to get their jobs done. Many employees would also be willing to sacrifice the pay to have a valuable 3 day weekend to spend with their families. Why not make this an optional work week plan for those who wish? THERE ARE SO MANY FOLKS WORKING 40 HOUR WORK WEEKS FOR THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WHO IN ACTUALITY ONLY PUT IN MAYBE 20 GOOD HOURS OF REAL WORK PER WEEK. THE REST OF THE TIME IS SPENT WAITING FOR THE CLOCK SO THEY CAN GO HOME. This may be difficult to swallow but it is the truth. So, why not offer the folks who can get their jobs done in a 32 hour work week the chance to work less. This could save a tremendous amount of money for the federal government. Folks would also be more rested and take the smaller amount of work time available more seriously. This would improve the quality of work. The same amount of work could get done in less time and with a 20% cost savings.If this choice was available, perhaps 10 to 20% of folks would go for it (my own conservative estimate).


People in this age are beginning to value their free time/family time more than in previous decades. We need to adjust to our changing values and also evolve out of this old fashioned idea that every employee must be in his/her work seat 40 hours per week in order to be effective.



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