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Government Shuttle Buses

If you look all around Washington, DC, there is one thing that you always see. That is government shuttle buses. These buses are usually making many loops around the region on a daily basis. These shuttles are often occupied by one or two passengers at most. Often times the shuttles run at inconvenient times and schedules that suit no one. My suggestion is that the shuttle schedules should be examined and adjusted based on use. Large transit systems analyze use and adjust schedules accordingly, why can the government not do this for their shuttles? Also, seeing as how government buildings are all over the DC area, you have many different agencies running routes that substantially overlap and are largely underutilized. Combining different agencies shuttles into one unified government wide system with a variety of different routes could help to improve the efficiency of the service. Additionally, this analysis and joining of services could reduce the number of shuttle buses on the streets and therefore reduce fuel costs, operator costs, insurance costs, and provide an immediate and beneficial effect for the environment by reducing the green house gas emissions by eliminating the number of shuttles needed. This idea then would cut costs, increase efficiency of transporting government employees, and benefit the environment, all in a relatively short time frame.



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