National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Telecommuting for Jobs that are capable.

I would save a great deal of government money if you allowed work that can be conducted at home - be done at home. Telecommuting would not only save energy at government offices but would also save fuel costs, the environment, and promote well being within the employee themselves. Not all government jobs can be conducted at home - but many can now that so many systems are now online and a virtual office is definately ...more »


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Department of Commerce

Require all Federal Workers to telecommute

I suggest that you mandate telesoworking for all agencies.

Provide a secure network, and let employees stay home 4 days a week. When going to work, use a shared office space. Rotate the office space among agencies and close most of the agencies' buildings.

This would dramatically reduce the cost of maintaining office space and reduce gas consumption and other commuting costs while helping cleanup the environment.


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Social Security Administration

Direct downloads onto laptops and/or use of laptop docking stations

Allow employees who work at home, using an Agency laptop, to directly download needed case files and documents from the SSA LAN. Currently, the procedure is to download needed data from the employee's (office) desktop computer, onto a flash drive; then transfer the data from a flash drive onto the Agency laptop, which is encrypted. This is inefficient, when the data could be directly downloaded onto the laptop by plugging ...more »


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