Department of Energy

Save Billions Through Domestic Production of Green Fuel - an Energy and Defense Collaboration

Proposition: By driving the development of domestic sources of biofuels at a mass scale, the Government can: -Save the country billions of dollars -Help drive down our trade deficit -Reduce carbon emissions, and -Keep our military men and women safe We propose that DOE and DOD work together to purchase biorefinery capabilities across the country. Let us tell you how this could work... Current State: We import 63%... more »


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General Services Administration

Official Travel

After a recent stint at one of the FLETC, it became blatantly obvious exactly how much in government funds is wasted via the government's contracts with travel agencies such as Sato/GetThere. An attempt to book a flight from New York to Charleston, which included a layover in Georgia, netted the contracted travel agency $1299+ taxes/fees, while a direct flight could have been booked through the airline's website at $180+... more »


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Executive Office of the President

Stop All Non Humanitarian Foreign Aid

Paying countries for "favor" - especially ones led by military leaders in place from a coup - or led by religious leaders - have not historically paid off for the United States.


We need that money domestically - please, please, stop throwing money to other counties (unless they have a humanitarian need like Haiti, etc) that really are not our friends.


After all you cannot buy true friends!


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