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A New Educational System for The United States

In the U.S., after a student receives their high school diploma, no one cares about them except their families. If they have not applied to a trade school or college, they sit around doing nothing with their lives. These individuals often have no skills and remain unemployed or dependent upon their parents for support. Frequently, these people get into trouble with the law, end up in prison, and have difficulty being productive members of society. This situation exists for millions of young people throughout the U.S. regardless of background. This is why so many people become failures in their lives; They have no future.


The federal government should mandate that all U.S. school districts develop educational systems similar to France or Germany for their students. When students reach a certain age in France or Germany, they are put in either academic schools (i.e., sciences, music, literature, history) or vocational schools (i.e. plumbing, hotel and restaurant management, cooking, medical transcriptions) . Even if the student is learning a trade, they still have to take some academic classes.


This new educational system will help students determine their future careers while attending school. Businesses would support this idea because the internship vocational programs would ensure a steady stream of labor in numerous industries. The students can go back to the academic school if they find the vocational training school not to their liking and vice-versa. After completing school, students can either go onto college or universities or go to a trade school for additional training or work for a business with their existing vocational education.


Developing an educational system like France or Germany would save a tremendous amount of federal and state money. It is more likely to decrease unemployment and reduce the millions of dollars spent on entitlements programs. It would lead to less crime, safer neighborhoods, less money needed for law enforcement, a smaller prison population, stronger families, and more stability overall for everyone. This would save the federal and state governments a tremendous amount of money. We also would be able to compete better with other nations in the world academically because everyone would be using their talents either as professionals or in the trades. More Americans will have higher self-esteem because they will be productive. The main benefit of this new educational system is that people will be geared towards a goal in their lives with the eventual goal of having a workforce with minimal unemployment.



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