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A better way to approach the day

I suggest you begin with looking into the affects of happy workers within the workforce when animated through such applications as the Fish! philosophy matched with people actively engaged in their jobs aimed towards a business oriented goal while serving the public. To help foster within the civil service a sense of pride in serving our country as much as those who do so abroad and in arms, as each function plays a vital role in the continuance of our society. However that being said I would also suggest you begin to reevaluate the guiding principles of our country as consumerism is ultimately a way of living that cannot sustain itself. Such is contained within the name. To consume means it will eventually all be consumed. We are the stewards of this planet as people, and are capable of a great many things as is evidenced in our history both recent and ancient, however for all our modern technology we no longer strive to be in harmony with the planet and instead spread upon it's surface like a blight as is evidenced in the ideas of consumerism that've driven the world for the last few decades from what I can understand of it. Conservatism, sounds like a scary word that might almost sound socialist, but neither word is taboo or scary when you look at the practicality of the ideas behind the words. Instead of saying "that'll never work" maybe we should evaluate why it will not work, for greed seems to be the downfall of our society as is evidenced in the recent falls of many of the ponzi schemes, and wall street crooks in suits, not to mention the fact that lobbiests buy our congressmen and senators to think act and vote a certain specific way. Thus far in america no one president has been as decisive and active in decisions to help public reform than our current president, and quite frankly the idea that people are so resistant to change is somewhat laughable, as life is nothing BUT change. Nothing ever remains the same in life, because to live is to change, and there are many phases to life's cycles of which we only grasp consciously a few. I don't expect my idea will be reviewed, and if it does that it would be picked, for what has it really said that anyone could put infront of a camera or try to put forth to the public? I'm a realist, but the basics of it boils down to elimination of lobbiests, ensuring the purity of ALL civil servants, elected, recruited, enlisted, and otherwise from such influences, alongside of campaign reform to encourage growth of connection between officials and the citizens they represent while eliminating lobbyists and contributors to campaigns which always seem to require favors in return for their funds.



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