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Acquisition - Propose commonsense revisions to Federal Acquisition Regulation

Create an executive working group to review the FAR and propose commonsense revisions for legislation in order to streamline the acquisition process. Instead of a layering of requirements established by different bills and trade agreements, you could create more streamlined/flexible rules that still meets the intent of previous legislation. Cost savings can be found in several ways: (1) contracts become easier to award/administer, reducing gov't overhead costs; (2) simpler regulations should be more enforceable reducing contract disputes and litigation; (3) simpler regulations reduce the uncertainty/risk to contractors which should lead to lower cost proposals/bids and increased competition (as many contractors don't have the FAR knowledge to bid on gov't contracts in the first place). Bottom line, the FAR is a big, scary document for those who aren’t trained in it; it seems we can accomplish the same results using a more straight-forward set of rules.



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