Department of Homeland Security

Adding responsible information to every document (Agency/Branch/Component/Date)


Add responsible Agency/Branch/Component/Date information to every form, document, manual, publication, or web page.

With this ANY staff member can easily identify the agency to contact when changes are needed in.


Example (FEMA/VA-NPSC/NCT/07-19-2010)


Facts: Thousands of man hours are being wasted every year when publications need to be changed or updated and author is not readily identifiable.

Too often, if there is an error on a document or publication, the error is left stand because of the time and effort it takes to identify the party responsible for maintaining it..




Cost Saving: When policy changes and/or documents need to be updated or an error is discovered in a document or website the amount of time spent on locating the responsible Component is enormous. Tens of Thousands of man hours per year can be saved by adding Agency/Branch/Component/Date to all government publication.


Transparency: Increases transparency and allows a discerning eye to be put onto our publications for correctness, content, form and function.


Corrective Action: If an error is found corrective action can be swift and decisive.


The Date: The date is used as a revised date so that the proper, most current information is provided to the reader.


Cost to implement ($0.00): This program should be implemented on a today forward basis thereby having no cost effect on the budget.



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