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Set up an office with in each Agency that takes up excess everything. From supplies to furniture to toner etc...There is too too much waste in this area. If I could only tell you in my Administrative Specialist and Officer career and in 13 years in the Govt. I have seen extreme waste in this area. I have seen offices actually just throw out what they don't need. We could share it with other offices, lower our supply spending budgets this way and increase sharing. Another option is that we could donate it to State Government or Federally funded programs, schools, Senior homes etc...I can't believe this does not exist already. Maybe it does with Furniture but definetly I have never seen this with Administrative things such as supplies, toner etc.. If it exsist there is definetly a poor job in communicating this massive need and or resource. Which brings to mind another small idea. Communicating Federal Government resources such as this through another Administrative Website or even Agency. Not just GSA or OPM. An actual Administrative Government Website/Office/Agency. Addressing Administrative needs. I would be happy to be your first Director of the Government Administration office ? Thank you for this opportunity. God Bless.



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