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Adopt the Process Enrichment(SM) philosophy and methodology to improve the quality of government organizations and the products

Adopt the Process Enrichment(SM) philosophy and methodology to improve the quality of government organizations and the products and services they produce.


Process Enrichment(SM) provides an excellent and useful contemporary definition of performance quality excellence, based on Themes of Performance, that enables strategic management, quality management and risk management to work together to achieve strategic results by minimizing the risk of poor performance. A Balanced Enterprise Strategic Themes (BEST) (TM) framework is used as an improved form of Balanced Scorecard based on performance quality excellence. The BEST framework organizes goals in a way that prevents goal omission or goal overlap and enables development of highly targeted performance measurements to help organizations progress successfully and repeat their successes.


Process Enrichment(SM) is a systemic philosophy – using strategic communication to integrate a quality and continuous improvement culture in an enterprise.


Process Enrichment(SM) provides a new graphical method for representing organizational strategy, performance quality excellence and risk. This method integrates terminology and concepts similar to those developed over the centuries in military strategy. This graphical method is a strong way to visually communicate and to show performance quality strengths, performance quality needs and the risks of poor performance.


Process Enrichment(SM) can be used to strong advantage with or without the formality of a CMMI or ISO 9001 quality management system because it is based on a generic definition of quality that can be applied spontaneously to anything you want to improve.


Process Enrichment(SM) differs from the CMMI and ISO 9001 “process approach” because the process approach assumes that a good process creates a good product. In contrast, the Process Enrichment(SM) enterprise change model is primarily concerned with the strategic quality of an organization, project, product, or service and is only secondarily concerned with the quality of processes. Process standardization is to flow from strategic quality considerations. Typically though, CMMI® or ISO environments are used to provide best practices to accomplish process needs. Tools such as Lean Thinking, Six Sigma, Theory Of Constraints, Agile and others are integrated for targeted quality improvement efforts.


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