Office of Personnel Management

Advertise Job Detail Opportunities Nationwide

Currently, opportunities for job detail assigments are handled in an ad hoc manner. Sometimes they are advertised within an office or agency, and sometimes they are done on an individual basis.


I am suggesting that a database of job detail opportunities of 120-days or more be advertised in a central location similar to USAJOBS (perhaps a blog). In that way, anyone that is interested would have the opportunity to apply to be considered for the detail position.


This would also make it easier for mangers to advertise detail opportunities and quickly find qualified individuals to do the work. Many job requirements are short-term in nature and could be done with details, avoiding the need for expensive contracts or hiring permanent employees that are not really needed to accomplish the needed tasks or projects.


Additionally, it would provide interested individuals with better opportunities to expand their job knowledge, skills and abilities and to gain new experience to help them compete effectively for other positions and promotions.



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