Corps of Engineers-Civil Works

Allow Outside Purchase of In-House Document Reproduction

This pertains to Corps of Engineers, civil and millitary projects.


Currently in-house prepared projects are required to have reproduction jobs sent to a government printer. This adds expense to projects in several ways, each time the project documents are printed which can be 3-4 times each.


The government printer adds a week to the project completion time for each time it is printed. It costs many times more than having a local copy firm do the printing. It takes several people in the government to jump thru the many bureaucratic hoops to make the funds available to the government printer. The project preparer takes many hours assuring the documents are done in exactly the right way for the government printer to accept. If the copies are returned in poor quality, the government printer will redo the work, but will take another week to do it.


Sending this work to a local company for printing would save the government much time AND money AND frustration. A local printer would even be able to box the project documents up and mail them directly to where they need to go. Currently, we receive the copies in boxes, must sort thru them, put them in other boxes, then mail them out again, often overnight to make the schedule. If one local printer does a poor job, we can go to another. The local printer would take a pdf file and format it to "book" form and reproduce it properly. The print job could be paid for with our government visa rather than thru multiple PR&Cs.


I have been "working" with this government printer for over 20 years. As government "cuts back", I have been forced into spending more time preparing to have projects printed and then waiting for their return. Its time to let the local companies who have the equipment and know what they are doing, have a chance to do the job, save precious project design time, and save taxpayer money.



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