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America Prison Reform Act 2012

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I believe inmates of non violent crimes serving a 3-5 years or more should be given an option to join the military under a special force that service veterans that are disable in other countries or as reserved war trainee for the USA. Training must be conducted in another country. No Runaways. This will help to reform a lot of the youth that are habitual drug dealers, thieves...etc. They will be retrained and taught how to rethink actions/behavior. Training will be rigorous. Government owned and operated. Benefit: a second chance at life, new skills, clean record, accountability, more soldiers, no revolving door in the prision system, no court dates, no lawyer fees. -- health service via gov't, creates more federal jobs..etc. These individuals can be trained to fight fires in California, plant trees, dig wells in Africa. Millions $$ can be saved by using these youth vs. contractors (pay less). Alliance with EU countries to institute a similar program will build the economy faster.



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