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Artificial boundaries

Each Department within Federal service manages its own software platforms and databases to manage adminsitrative functions. Examples of this include DOI Learn to manage training requests, Human Resources actions (performance evaluations, awards, repremands), ETAS (Electronic Time and Attendance), Credit Card assignments. These adminitrative ativities are crafted by and for specific Departments. It is my belief that the separation by Departments is artificail, and the customization of such platforms by Departments minimizes opportunities for Federal efficiency. Although the missions of the various Departments are unique, the application and uses of said software applications is not. For example, ETAS is for time, DOI Learn is for training. The end use of these platforms is NOT unique, and theses applications are common among various Departments..My recommendation is to maximized software integration accross Departments to streamline the use of such software. Intuitively, this integration will reduce operating costs as there is support for common software, reduce time required for training endusers/Federal employees particularly when employees are transitioning to new jobs within the same Federal System, reduce training costs, reduce administive costs in the case of credit card assignment, and provide common platforms for accessing information.. An added benefit will be the potential increase in continuity, and increased quality of products in that all documents are officially submitted by the respecitive authors; I suggest there would also be less re-work due to visibility/ownership of the person who inputs information (author).

I wondered why the administrative tools used by DOI were so different from the Army's. electronic time and attendance was used when I left the Army in 1993 and timesheets were used in Interior. Maximizing use of quality systems for enhanced Federal performance takes advantage of lessions learned and has the potential to enhance efficiency, effectivness, and potentially improves the quality of products produced therefore has potential to save money.


Please forgive me for failing to submitt this suggestion on time as I have been on leave for a couple of weeks and returned to work today. I



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