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Automatic Computer Shut Down

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DHS has an estimated 200,000 employes and contractors who use laptops and desktop computers for their work every day. But when workers leave the office, many of them do not take the time to shut down their computer. This naturally begs the question: how much money could DHS save by remotely turning off idle computers?



-10% of workers leave their computers on overnight (20,000)

-The average computer uses 40 watts of electricity/hr

-Computers are idling from 6PM-9AM (15 hours)

-Electricity costs $0.08/kWh


Total cost per idling computer:



Total cost across DHS:



If DHS installed a system that would remotely shut down all unused computers at 6PM each night (with plenty of safeguards to ensure only inactive computers are turned off), the Department could save more than $350,000/year with very conservative cost estimates.



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