Department of State

Being brief and briefing

Brief why - So many words for a simple thing! Not wise.


Briefing why - Good to catch up with short briefings from colleagues and supervisors!


So here it is, my submission before the extended last day July 29th:


Brevity in words

not in work


Improve work

and relations


Smile and

have patience


Gratitude for

little things


Seize the moment

aspire to greatness


More partners and

friends galore


Google and profile

for work not fun alone


What goes around

comes around


With faith in effort

crises’ address


Smarter contacts

and contracts


Structure changes

not benefits for self


Have vision and expertise

for goals and activities


Share and expand

life's sweat and joy


On a range of topics

valuable to other USG guys


At the end of the day...Pray

smile at least once a day.


Practice being brief

if you read all above

Surely not an easy thing!



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