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Biuld with insulated concrete forms

I suggest we biuld using insulated concrete forms (ICF) whenever practical. Many years experience and testing demonstrated 10% to 70% energy saving while also standing up to huricanes, tornadoes and bomb blasts. A more recentl example of ICF construction is the Armed Forces Reserve Center in Pinellas Park in Florida. We should identify federal biuldings that are inefficient and expensive to maintain as candidate for demolition and replacement with ICF. ICF structures can also be designed to include solar energy, natural lighting, steel roof rain water capture, green plant roofs, bomb blast-hurricane-tornado shelters, underground heat sinks, electromagnetic and accoustic security, etc. ICF can be austerely hidden or designed as grand public architecture. It cost maybe 10-20% more to biuld, then pays for itself in operational and maintenance savings each and every year thereafter. Good for new constructions, additions, replacement walls, rebiulds, etc. Consider ICF for all publicly funded structures.



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