Department of Housing and Urban Development

Bring contract work back in house

the contracts for physical inspections (REAC) and Performance Based Contract Administrators PBCA) need to terminated and the work be brought back in house. The cost for full-time employees to complete these tasks would be less than is currently paid to contractors. In addition, when necessary follow-up physical inspections could be completed in a much more timely manner by HUD staff. The PBCA is charged with only a portion of the extent of HUD business agreeements. The assigned HUD employee is not involved in one of the crucial business agreements - the HAP Contract. In many cases, the HUD staff is not familiar with and has little or no contact with the owner and/or agent due to the REAC and PBCA contracts. This results in frequent misconceptions as to the actual status of the property. If HUD staff were more involved with the properties, issues/concerns could and would be handled in a quicker and more efficient manner.



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