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Budgetary issues and possible corrective actions.

I suggest an analysis at all Air Force Bases and all other affiliated armed forces locations world-wide to review and analyze their reimburseable & non-reimburseable Comptroller/Budgetary issues. Many bases are not aware of the amounts of non-reimburseable (lost money) they are paying out/losing every Fiscal Year (FY). Through a AFSO21 analysis I co-facilitated on, many of these issues came to attention and clear problems & causes. Hanscom Air Force Base in MA, at our Air Base Group (ABG) level & affiliation with my Support Agreement Management (SAM) Office, calculations are done on the reimburseable & non-reimburseable very closely. But many other bases do not track those different categories of money? A closer account of what expenditures (non-reimburseable money) will eventually save on tax payers money & governmental spending - losses. Through contacting many of my SAM counterparts across the US, numerous other Air Force bases are not tracking those monetary loses. The millions that could be corrected and/or accounted for; could save money, save or create jobs and have a better watchful eye on spending.


Kevin B. Krieger



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