Department of Homeland Security

CBP -- GS-12 -- Not for all

The journeyman level for CBP is soon to be raised to GS-12 level. While I am in agreement that the work that is done by all areas of CBP is invaluable, the rationale of why they will do it is flawed.


They rationale is that CBP has more individuals with degrees than the private sector. While this is true, the individuals in CBP that was made to have degrees were the Agricultural Specialist. Out of the three legacy agencies, only the Agricultural Specialist are not given an enhanced retirment. There are no individualized perks to being an Agricultural Specialist, and now you have all entities of the CBP agency piggy backing off their accomplishments to get more money.


Give the money to the people that earned it. Give all CBP Agricultural Specialist the GS-12 journeyman increase since they did earn it. Give a 2 step increase to CBP Officers that attained a degree. This is done due to the fact that CBPAS were made to have a degree to get their job, while ALL OTHER entities of CBP only had to have a GED or high school diploma.



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