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There are not 100 illegal immigrants in the USA….. There are thousands.

A CONDITIONAL RESIDENT CARD should be given to immigrants who DO NOT have a criminal record for murder, rape, DUI, or domestic violence. Those illegal immigrants who, at any point in their stay in the US, committed those crimes, should get DEPORTED to their country of origin right away.

Illegal immigrants should pay a fine of $2,000 to $6,000 if they entered the US with a visa and over stayed. And a higher fine should be given to the immigrants who crossed the border illegally in order to apply for the CONDITIONAL RESIDENT CARD. Illegal immigrants who paid some taxes should pay less than those who did not pay any taxes at all.

1. When a CONDITIONAL RESIDENT CARD is issued, it should be valid for one year. The individuals who keep a clean record as a CONDITIONAL RESIDENT CARD holder should be eligible to apply for a Permanent Resident Card after a four year period only if they have a clean record.

If an individual commits a crime, the CONDITIONAL RESIDENT CARD should not be renewed. That person should be deported after completing jail time for his/her crime.


2. When an individual is issued a Permanent Resident Card, the card holder should be able to apply for US Citizenship after completing 8 years as a permanent resident, ONLY if the individual entered our country with a visa and over stayed.

A Permanent Resident Card holder who crossed the border illegally may NOT be eligible at any pint to apply for US Citizenship.


In conclusion, we don’t need to give amnesty to ALL illegal immigrants. What we need is a law that will give the opportunity to HARD WORKING illegal immigrants a chance to stay legally in our country. A CONDITIONAL RESIDENT CARD will do just that. It will be issued, to individuals who want to become active members of our society with out hiding and with out fear.

With more HARD WORKING AND GOOD NATURE PEOPLE becoming CONDITIONAL RESIDENT CARD holders, the easier will be to deport non card holders who were at some point in jail for rape, murder, DUI, domestic violence, etc. That is the kind of illegal immigrants (BAD NATURE PEOPLE) we don’t want in our society.

I truly hope and pray to God that this TRUE SOLUTION gets seriously considered by the White House and become a reality in the near future (2011).

Lets ALL think that a lot of our men and women who serve the country (a lot of them dying in war) are the children of some very fine individuals that came to our country illegally and are still illegal. Their only mistake was to enter our country illegally for a better future.

Illegal immigrants (hard working ones) are a contribution to our country and should not be mistreated by people who take advantage of their illegal status by paying them cents for a job well done.

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