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Can the Guard Help Out?

I am a member of the National Guard and have heard a lot of complaints about members not being able to complete their mission essential tasks in regards to training and actual on the job training with their specific job descriptions, example: construction equipment operators not being able to get enough stick time on equipment, carpenters not being able to build structures etc, in general the armories and training sites for the National Guard are not sufficient for the training needed to keep “current” on our job description, so my idea is to implement National Guard units on projects such as Highway construction, government building reconstruction, civil projects like water main refurbishments, levee building, surface street repairs.

This would not only save money on payroll as the Army is on salary (no overtime, penalty rates) but we already have the equipment needed for the tasks no need to lease equipment for double the price and our equipment wouldn’t sit and rust for under-use, we would also be saving money on training the soldiers as they would get on the job training and using soldiers for projects is far cheaper than civilian contractors.

We would also build a stronger bond with our communities as they would see us in their communities building structures in their neighborhoods.



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