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Carry over "Year-End" money into the next Fiscal Year

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Federal Government offices around the country struggle to spend all of the money in their budget by the end of each fiscal year, often purchasing items or contracts that they don't really need just to spend the money. Often, a given station may need a big ticket item that they can't afford, such as a large piece of equipment, buidling renovation, or temporary employee, but the office may never have enough year end money to pay for that needed item, so they buy smaller items that they may not really need just to use up the money so they don't get punished for not zero-ing out their accounts by September 30th. I propose for offices to be able to carry over up to a certain amount of their budget into the next year, say 20%, so that money is not wasted every year just to balance out the books. In this way, offices could also save up their year end money for a couple years and be able to get those big ticket items that they really need.



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