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Census Bureau Intergration with IRS saves BILLIONS

I think that it would be in the best interest of the United State and its taxpaying republic that we combine the Census Bureau with the IRS. This migration/integration would allow for the same collection of data that is required by law in Title 13 of the US Code.

The Census is currently required to take a survey of the population every 10 yrs and for manufacturing every 2 yrs not to mention agriculture. The Bureau employs approximately 4000 employees at the Bureau’s main Office in Maryland along with 12 regional offices throughout the country not to include the locations that are set up on a temporary basis during the decennial (10 yr) population counts. This coming decennial count is estimated to cost 14.7 BILLION DOLLARS.

This same data could be collected during the annual tax collection by the IRS with minor adjustments to the IRS tax forms. The tax for could include an additional section that is labeled as Census Information Only and a statement about how the information in this section is to be used solely for census survey information only along with the statement that the rest of the information on the IRS form is subject to be used for census survey information minus income figures.

This information could be taken each year and a more accurate account of the population would be available for other government surveys as needed. The argument that "Providing quality data, for public good—while respecting individual privacy and, at the same time, protecting confidentiality—is the Census Bureau's core responsibility," says Arnold Jackson, chief operating officer for the US Census.[cite this quote] "Keeping the public's trust is critical to the Census's ability to carry out the mission as the leading source of quality data about the Nation's people and economy."[cite this quote] , allows for the same quality of information and still allows for the information to be preserved along with saving the taxpaying public an amazing amount of tax dollars and hopefully more useful information to other offices on an annual basis so other funding can be appropriated as needed for each state.

M. A. Spears



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