Department of Defense

Change military type retirements

Eliminate military type retirement payments until typical retirement age (60) unless the person is incapable of working due to injury or is not working another full time job. As many folks know, employees that retire with a military type retirement start drawing their full retirement pay immediately. They can retire with 20 or more years of service. At 20 years they 50% of their pay and can get up 100% of their pay at 40 years of service. By way of example, a late 30 or early forty year old E-7 or O-4 could start getting $2,000-$3,000 per month and be free to start a second career. I have seen many retire and while on terminal leave be working a new job (many as civil service).


My proposal is that if a person retires with a military type retirement, they not be allowed to draw their pension until age 60 unless they are full disabled, unemployable or are employed, but earnings put them at or below the poverty line for their geographic location.



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