Department of the Treasury

Combine Requests for Information to our Customers: i.e. Return Census and Tax Forms Together

The same information is often requested from multiple agencies (name, address, dependents, and income). Where possible combine forms across agencies to consolidate the requests we make of our customers.

Immediate benefits will include:


• Consolidate requests to our customers

(in 2010 we submitted our tax and census requests within weeks of each other)

• Reduce duplicate envelope cost, a more “green” approach

• Shared databases would give us a more powerful tool to help our customers

• Reduce Redundant data input (this would allow employees to re-focus on customer service and prepare the Federal Government for the large number of employees retiring in the next 10 years.

• Potentially reduce the number of follow up requests for updated information (change in phone numbers, addresses etc.)


Please conduct a review of all routine public forms that can be combined!



Allow citizens to submit their Census and IRS tax forms in the same envelope, or to submit in tandem online.


SSA and Medicare cards can list each other’s contact information.



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