Department of Energy

Commercial Engineering/Scientific Software License Consolidation

I suggest that commercial engineering/scientific software licenses be consolidated.


It is common to purchase commercial software licenses using government or customer funding, even though the software is already available in-house or at other government organizations. The idea is to reduce costs and improve workforce productivity associated with the acquisition, maintenance, use, availability, and support of common commercial engineering and scientific software by consolidating software licenses, making the licenses available 24 hours per day (world-wide). Software examples include, but are not limited to, Tecplot, and ABAQUS. Metrics such as software pricing, procurement information, and usage are easily monitored to evaluate the goal. Consolidation allows leveraging buying power, streamlines procurement, prevents overbuying and underutilization of licenses, and allows efficient use of software through sharing of licenses.


90-day Implementation Plan:

(1) Team approach with sponsorship from a senior executive.

(2) Buy-in from IT, Engineering/Science and Procurement Departments.

(3) Team works with vendor to understand pricing and licensing pricing options.

(4) Initiate “pilot study.”

(5) Develop Lessons learned.



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