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Common Sense Federal Budget Process.

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I have been in or working for the Federal Government for over 29 years. I keep hearing how the Federal Government is going to balance the budget. I still have never seen it.


My share is: We will never balance the budget much less pay off the debit as long as the government budget process runs on a "USE or LOSE" mentality. If I receive money from congress and I don't spend it all, then I am penalized the next year by having funds removed from my budget (you did not spend it, so you must not need it). So it is important that I spend all my money. There is no incentive to save anything. We need to remove barriers to savings, and bring some common sense to the Federal Budget process.


We set dates to award contracts because we need to spend the money before the end of the fiscal year, not because we have done all the due diligence and have a fully thought out Acquisition Package and Statement of Work. Contracts should be awarded when they are ready, not because the obligated money is going to disappear at the end of the fiscal year.


We should be able to provide a justifiable budget each year and get funding. If we don’t spend it all we should not be penalized but rewarded. If money obligated for a project does not get spent because the contract did not get awarded that money should still be available as long as the project is still viable and is going to be awarded.


We should not have to spend money on stuff we don’t need or want because it looks bad to give money back. The DoD and Federal Gov do the same thing….we purchase all kinds of stuff (thermal underwear (DoD), staplers, calculators (Fed) to expend the money before the end of the fiscal year.

This is crazy……..


What happens if I manage a $10 million dollar CPFF contract and don’t spend all the money, what if I get the job done and have $3 Million left? Really, do I get a slap on the back or the wrist? So far it is the wrist......


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