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Completing Tasks in a very Timely Fashion

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My suggestion is to update the computer system we currently use. This agency now has a daily "Workload Listing" that includes "To Do" items. An individual employee checks their workload listing first thing in the morning, and then begins their day by working on a task at hand that must be performed. Any time of day, a supervisor can assign an individual employee a "To Do" item that could be much more critical than what that person is currently performing. That person is not aware of this being routed to them, unless they stop what they are doing and throughout the day pull up their "To Do" listings. My suggestion is that the computer system be updated to the point where a "pop up" will actually come onto the screen alerting that employee that a particular task has been assigned to them which will allow that employee to perform it immediately. This is particularly important because there are many times when "critical" items are directed to a staff member, and unless a pop up occurs, that person is totally unaware of it. I believe this pop up system will alleviate any critical and/or crucial assignments from being overlooked until perhaps the following morning. Because this office issues disability decisions, I believe it is the utmost importance that these claimants receive their decisions in a very timely fashion; and if such a system is put into effect, I believe every decision would be issued timely. This is particularly true toward the end of every month when this office rushes to mail every possible decision that is written, signed, and ready to be processed. This "pop up" system would assure the claimant to receive their decisions timely daily.


My suggestion may not save money so much but I believe it will certainly serve the people who have been waiting as long as two to three years for their disability decision.


Janie Adams

Senior Case Technician

Office of Disability Adjudication

and Review

W. Des Moines, IA 50266

515-223-5038, x-218



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