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Computer Power Saving can save over $200 million a year in Energy cost

Computer Power Saving SAVES over 200 million a year.


Sleep mode allows the computer to basically shut off except it saves all the work on the desktop after a set time frame. Suggestion would be one hour of inactivity. The user then would only need to press the space bar and the computer is on and able to be logged into to continue work.


Most users are instructed to leave computers on all the time for updates etc. I say we do updates/scans during day and save a lot of money.


The math is a rough estimate but


Average computer 150 watts per hour


Time 24 hours a day, 365 or 8,765 hoursa


Average electricity rate is $.12 kw/h


Estimated computers: 2 million computers (estimated number of government employees)


Without Power Save cost = 315 Million


With Power Save Cost (assuming 10 hours on 5 days a week) = 94 million


Savings = 222 Million dollars


With Power Saving mode enabled the power cost would shrink over 70% and make the government more green. That is a lot of savings.


If that isn't an option lets put that unused power to work with Distributed Computing. 2 million idle computers could do a lot of calculations in the 14 hours they are not being used.


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