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Consolidate all internal resiliency-type programs.

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There are a number of programs spread throughout the HHS Office of the Secretary (OS) all designed to ensure the resiliency, safety, and security of OS personnel, programs, and resources. To name a few, some are:

• Internal Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) program (OSSI)

• Occupant Evacuation Program (OEP) (ASA)

• Continuity of Operations (COOP) program (ASPR)

• Continuity of Government (COG) program (ASPR)

• Continuity of Business (COB) program (ASA)

• Physical security (SW Complex)(ASA) (OSSI)


All of these programs are directly related to one another; however, they are located throughout three separate STAFFDIVs. Because these programs answer to different leaderships and receive seperate funding (yet do not plan, train, or exercise together) they are in danger of causing confusion, wasting government time and money, or even failing.


The solution is to create a single office that integrates all of these programs into one. The White House’s "Resilience Directorate" is an example to be replicated. The Resilience Directorate, which falls under the National Security Staff, focuses on COOP, COG, and CIP for the Federal Government (and a host of other Homeland Security issues). Such an office in HHS should be located at an organizational level that would ensure senior leadership support, and provide guidance and direction to all OS offices located within the National Capital Region—that is, they would focus inwards, towards HHS OS personnel, resources, and missions, thereby allowing HHS to focus outwards towards the American people.



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