General Services Administration

Consolidate and share

Have computer systems talk to each other and share information. Examples of waste are the recent newspaper article of over 50 agencies that were performing in essence the same function. other examples are share data so prison inmates don't collect welfare or other govenment checks.

Collection of like training together would save overhead. For example, is it necessary for every agency to have their own training department for common office work? This can be extendeded to safety, environmental, secruity, etc.... The idea is common training for training that is common for federal workers. Maybe it's time to close some older federal facitlites that aren't needed. we could probably get rid of some agencies and not miss them. Like delete the Social security advice board, or combine the disablity agencies. The post office is closing alot of offices, and will probably stop saturday delivery.

That really might be the better idea is a quasi business model for some agencies. Agencies that give public service. It would hold the agency more accountable. Some ideas to look at would be the parks, TVA, Bonneville power, mint.



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