Department of Labor

Consolidate federal training institutes

Each federal agency should consolidate its training offices and institutes to reduce travel and staffing costs, and take advantage of synergies. The Dept. of Labor, for example, has separate training institutes for OSHA, MSHA, VETS, EBSA, etc. Yet many courses teach the same thing: how to investigate a claim, document a case file, establish that discrimination or retaliation has occurred, etc. The OSHA training institute is in Chicago, the MSHA training institute is in Beckley, WV, the VETS training institute is in Denver, etc. It would save money by combining these entitities into a single "DOL University", reducing administrative overhead and rent, and taking advantage of cross-curricular synergies. Instead, each agency regularly reinvents the wheel, without regard to whether it is being done better or equally well elsewhere. This idea could be piloted at DOL, and if effective could be applied across the federal government.



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