Department of Defense

Consolidate local military recruiters into one civilian position

My innovation is to change the military recruitment process by having civilian recruiters.

Personnel: One GS-11/12 could replace five E-5/6’s. There is savings in personnel costs and those uniformed individuals can rejoin their unit and ease some of the combat rotations.

Marketing: Currently, millions of tax dollars are spent by each branch in competition with the other. The Army gets a rock climbing wall; the Marines get a marketing wrapped hum-v. Excessive amounts are spent in pamphlets, commercials, and swag, all to keep the name of the branch in a recruit’s head. Millions can be saved if there were a consolidated military campaign.

Recruit’s experience: There are only so many qualified recruits that are interested in serving in the armed forces. Currently, students are regularly visited at school, called at home, and sent mail. Taking the competition factor out, interested individuals can seek the all branch military recruiter out and get balanced information on each branch’s offerings. They can take the ASVAB, complete a physical and then see what specialties they qualify for in each branch. Then they can make an informed decision.



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