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Consolidation of Pennsylvania Flight Standard District Offices

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In the commonwealth of Pennsylvania along with the states of Texas and California, there are several, Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO), with an area of geographical responsibility. My suggestion would be the consolidation of certain offices. In Pennsylvania, there are four FSDO’s and one Certificate Management Office for US Airways Airline. The Harrisburg office would become part of Allegheny Office and the Allentown office would combine assets with the Philadelphia office.

The responsibilities of these areas would be covered by remotely sited inspectors and by inspectors traveling from the remaining offices, which over time would be less costly than the cost of keeping these two offices operational. The remotely sited inspectors would be made up of those inspectors that could not make the initial move to the other areas of the state, thus saving PCS monies. Then, when these inspectors retire or through other means of attrition, the position would move to either the Pittsburgh or the Philadelphia office. This would save the operational and leasing cost of two facilities and the required management personnel. An example of this the recent merger of FAA offices in Florida.


Approximate current staffing


Allegheny (AGC) 25

Allentown (ABE) 21

Harrisburg (HAR) 16

Philadelphia (PHL) 48 with 4 vacancies

Pittsburgh (PIT) (CMO) N/A



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