Department of Transportation

Consolidation of Training room space at MMAC

Currently, lack of space availability at MMAC (OKC) is an often discussed and debated issue due to the lack of usable work space for people. There appear to be an excess of training rooms which sit empty for a large majority of the time. It appears that orgs wanted to be sure they had a room available when needed, so they built their own. These are not consistently maintained, and each is built out with duplicate equipment. I suggest each direct report org at MMAC be limited to a given amount of sq footage for training facilities, based on the number of employees or mission (Academy would be different of course since their mission is training), and have it managed and governed by the centralized business office within each org. This would save a multitude of hours of time and a lot of $$ building out new modular buildings and trying to make room for people, in addition to reduced costs in duplicating eqiupment. The cost of consolidating would be minimal, but would take some buy-in at the head of each organization and a project manager to get it done. No ongoing costs, just savings in time, money, frustration, and employee satisfaction.


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