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Department of Veterans Affairs

Create Idea Transparency (Indexing, Access) Across Agencies for All Federal Employees for Idea Survey Content

Why can't we centralize idea indexing and sharing?


As more ideas are shared, so does awareness, realization, and growth of their unseen application potential. Many ideas may fit better elsewhere from their initial source.


Taken from our wider Federal Knowledge Pool (developing innovation paradigm), more collective inspiration catalyst awaits if all Federal Employees could selectively read, sort, and filter across other agencies innovation portals and surveys which have become so popular.


Such "one-visibility" coupled with selective (boolean search) aids could help agencies locate and inspire suggestions that may be better realized through cross pollination, peer influences, or processes that share common solutions across our federal workspaces.


An e-mechanism (portal) to draw from, collate/search, and allow Federal wide brainstorming and refinement of past and present idea flow, could trigger new or secondary arenas through discovery and re-application of "what problems raised what solution views", federal wide.


Indeed, every agency holds cultural and other (innovation-paradigm related) unique approaches and harbors some internal mandated tunnel vision, which only such targeted cross sharing can liberate.



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