Office of Personnel Management

Cross-train new hires during mandatory probation period.

Cross-training and seeing a job from a new perspective makes people more effective and efficient.


Establish guidelines to cross-train people. There should be a method where a person hired to do 1 job must complete a mandatory "rotational" assignment, doing a similar or related job - or 2 jobs. For example, somebody hired to develop software can do a rotation as a software tester, and a 2nd rotation as a configuration management staff.


This, in conjunction with a mandatory 1-year probation period before gaining "permanent" federal employee status, will help ensure that we hire the right people who have the potential to grow and develop.


Also, it helps fill in the gaps in other areas until an organization is fully staffed.


And, people in other areas will be sending new hires in to your own area for rotation, so your work will get done too.



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