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Why is security sacrificed in lieu of efficiency when it comes to Customer demographic verification over the telephone.


As long as I have been in medical/legal arena, this type of customer identification, verification (and especially changing of that information) was only done in writing. However, somewhere along the way in our nation we have sacrificed a customer's security for the sake of convenience and efficiency.


For example: What prevents an individual receiving a wrong number courtesy call regarding an appt, being asked to verify address and then giving THEIR address or some strange address in order to obtain identifiers beyond a name, or worse to simply call to change information (few have security codes to do this).


We as a nation have put our own nation at risk to the ever increasing "identify theft" by caring more for efficiency than our clients security.


It is true that individuals make themselves vulnerable for not being paranoid about their identification (and we need to be with this ever increasing ID Theft), but for organizations to not to be concerned.


My suggestion is that nationwide and in ALL federal agencies, customer identification changes are ONLY done in writing. If this is already on the books, it should be re-iterated to each and every organization and given as a security requirement to each employee.


I personally believe identification should be given for EACH appt as well, as I have known individuals to pose as a customer/client/patient.


This is also true for travel reimbursement for appts @ the Veteran's Administration. Each and every customer/patient should be required to verify address through picture ID identification (and personnel educated yearly regarding it) and demographic changes made only in writing with identification proving who they are (and personnel education yearly regarding it).



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